SpeakEnglish Room Rules

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SpeakEnglish Room Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:03 pm

Below is a list of the SpeakEnglish room rules. These are the rules that you are agreeing to when you enter the room.

Room Rules:

1. English language to be used only.
2. No nudity allowed.
3. No insults or disrespecting others.
4. Swearing is allowed in moderation.
5. Music is allowed at the discretion of the owners/moderators.
6. No inappropriate behaviour allowed.
7. Do not harass any users whilst in the room.
8. Racism will not be tolerated.


- Nudity.
- Racism.
- Adult on a minor account.
- If user is on the Perma Ban.


- Sexual talk.
- Out of hand swearing.


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